3B Scientific 1004057, Spanish Slide "series Ii. Metabolism"

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Includes: 1(e)

10 c

11 f

12 c

13 d

14 d

15 f

4 c

5 d

6 c

9 c

Appendix of human, t.s

Carabus, ground beetle, gizzard 3 c

Esophagus of cat, t.s

Fundic stomach of cat, t.s

Hind-kidney metanephros of rabbit, t.s

Hydra, freshwater polyp, t.s

Kidney of mouse with pelvis, l.s

Kidney of mouse, t.s

Large intestine of cat, t.s

Liver of pig, t.s

Malpighian tubules of insect, t.s

Primordial kidney mesonephros of frog, t.s

Salivary gland of cat, t.s

Small intestine of cat, t.s

Small intestine, t.s

Blood vessels injected 8 d

Injected to show storage.

Routine stains 7 f

With ectoderm and endoderm 2 d