Deluxe Mario Mens Costume

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It really doesn’t matter where you hear it

But feel free to forget those lyrics if you can.

But, after this many years, how often can you avoid that first darned Goomba! Fortunately, no matter what, those extra lives are always available, not to mention the even better power-ups

Do you know the lyrics Yeah we didn t think so

Don t worry

Good thing that we ve got a great starting powerup ready for you with this Deluxe Mario costume

It can come from some high pitched dinks from a flute or lower thrums of a PVC-pipe organ struck by sock-covered paddles

It even comes with an inflatable belly, so you won t have to dive into an unlimited bowl of pasta just to get Mario s iconic curves

Suit up, stomp on some wild mushrooms while pretending they're Goombas, and relive those Mario-memories in the real world

The reminiscent theme of World 1-1 will always bring you back to the Mushroom Kingdom

This deluxe official Nintendo costume comes with everything you need to look like Mario, from his famous overalls and cap, to his curled up mustache and white gloves

Today, full of energy, Mario is still running, running Get a mushroom It s Super Mario! Get a flower It s Fire Mario!Heh, probably best that you never knew

Will you pick the Fire Flower to fire off bolts of blazing balls at your enemies and fry them into shiny coins Or is the racoon tail more your game Flying feather Or, deep down, do you prefer the more recent incarnation of Kitty Mario It s ok climbing walls is pretty amazing.But, to gather up any of those awesome powers, you have to start from World 1-1, just like the rest of us

You haven t been missing much

You ve got it in your head right now, don tcha! But here s the craziest thing